Thursday, 31 August 2017


This week Room 4 was faced with the 'Basket Creator' challenge. With limited resources (1 paper plate, 1 piece of thick paper, tape and glue) they had to create a basket that would hold a cup of dice and counters.

Things we needed to remember were, work as a team, make sure nothing can fall out of our basket and don't touch other's projects!

Here is the challenge outline, our co-constructed marking criteria and the two materials we were given.

Even though we all used the same materials we each created something that was unique. We each used the materials in different ways yet we all achieved the brief. 

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Pablo Picasso inspired art!

Room 4 has been doing an artist study on Pablo Picasso. We have had our first go at a Picasso style portrait. They are currently on display in the office, so come in and check them out. Next, we are going to take our first try and improve it by adding more facial features and by creating it out of mixed media. 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Healthy Eating with John Muir!

Over the past two weeks, Room 4 has been working with John Muir from Team energize. We have been looking at the four different food groups, what different foods do to our bodies and how much sugar is in the drinks we consume!

Room 4, has been exceptional at knowing what's in the food they eat. They were the first class ever, that John has taken to correctly order drinks based on their sugar content.

Here Room 4 are organising foods into the four food categories (Grain foods- make us Go, Meats and proteins- make us Grow, Fruit and Vege- make us Glow and Milk and milk products- make us Grow.)

They were then challenged to create a balanced meal using all 4 food groups with the correct portion.

Later, John worked with us to fine tune our running style and abilities in the lead up to our school cross country. Needless to say, running with incorrect form and style makes running look and feel ridiculous!

Friday, 28 July 2017

Term 3!

It's great to see everyone back at school this week. We have already started up our cross country training at Boyd Park. The track is loaded with squelchy mud so make sure a change of clothes is brought on Tuesday and Thursday!


Room 4 also had a handful of students awarded certificates, shirts and a trophy at this weeks assembly! It was for their triumph in winning their rugby tournament at the end of last term! Kai pai, Kahurangi, Harlem, Blake, Trevor and Joseph!!!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Term 3 reminders!

Cross Country (Week 4, Thursday 17th August) 

Bring spare clothes (shoes are your choice) on the 'T' days - Tuesday's and Thursday's. We are heading to Boyd Park to start our Cross Country preparation.

Speeches (Week 7) 

Throughout this term, we will be writing and performing speeches.  Below are a variety of topics to get you thinking about what you would like to speak to the class about - you are able to choose any of these topics or any topic of which you are confident speaking about for your first speech.  
  • Explain a cultural festival or practice of significance to you that others may not know about or appreciate.
  • If I ruled the world...
  • If I was a parent the ground rules I would make are...
  • My secret life as a hero...
  • Why do we have day and night time?
  • How come the earth goes round and round?
  • What are stars?
  • Why is a dog often called 'Man's best friend'?
  • It is better to be a kid than an adult
  • It is better to be an adult than a kid
  • If I was born a hundred years ago, I ...
  • How to procrastinate like a professional - ten top tips
  • The top 3 strangest hobbies
  • Why junk food is good for you
  • Why lying well can be useful

Here are some helpful links to get you thinking!

Possible speech topics                                     More speech topics

                                Tips on how to write a good speech

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Term 3 Catch-up

Room 4 has been super busy this term! We haven't even had time to keep you up to date with our learning journey.
So here's a quick catch-up on what you've missed so far...

Chapter Chat! 
This time the book is called Ms. Bixby's last day! Follow us on Twitter to see what we've been tweeting --> @SASRoom4

The whole senior school (Rooms 9,10,13,4,3,2 and 1) have been doing Jump Jam in the mornings to energise and wake ourselves up, so we're ready to start the day fresh! 


Sailor the Puffer Fish 
This term we had Sailor the Puffer Fish come into School to do a show about asthma. He talked to us about what asthma is and what causes it. We also learnt what to do if someone was to have an asthma attack. 

Zero Waste Education
This term we had Ms. B in from Zero Waste and we learnt about recycling and the benefits it has on our environment and the planet! We studied the life of a can and even how long it takes for different things to break down. 

Making cards to say thanks
Room 4, once again were super card creators!! We made cards to say a massive THANK YOU to those amazing people in our school who help us in all areas of our learning! You are all amazing! 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

STEM Challenge

This week Room 4 have been learning about STEM or STEAM (which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) they are tasks that involve problem-solving, working as a team, creative and critical thinking skills and lots of out of the box thinking.

Our first STEM challenge was the great paper chain challenge. We had one piece of a2 paper, a pair of scissors and a glue stick and we had to make the longest chain possible in 20 minutes!

Our winning team with the longest chain was... TONI and JESS! Their strategy was long thin bits of paper to make links that went the distance.

Here are some photos from the challenge.

We then wondered how long our chain would be if we linked them all together. It was in fact extremely long measuring in at 62m, with a whopping 300 links! It stretched from the bottom of the library ramp all the way to the spiral outside Room 7!!!!